Best Timing Creams in Pakistan 

 How to Choose the One that is the best Delaying Cream for You?

Are you trying to choose a product that can help you increase the amount of time spent on sex? Here, there are several timing products available in the local market of Pakistan that promote improving the length of sex on bed. These timing products come in the form of Timing creams for men, sprays, and best medicine in the shape of tablets for time delay.


Here are a few highlights:

When it comes to choosing the best timing cream in Pakistan, there is a variety of choices of delay cream available.

These creams are aimed to help both men and women increase their stamina in bed.

 In this 10-minute reading blog, we will debate the five best-timing creams in Pakistan.

 What is the timing cream price in Pakistan?

Sex timing creams are easily available online in Pakistan, with prices ranging from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1,500.

 While the precise ingredients of these timing creams for men differ, they normally contain natural herbs and extracts that work to increase blood flow in the penis and improve sensitivity. For better results, it is highly recommended that any of the delaying creams that you choose should be applied 15-30 minutes before sex with your loved ones.

 Somehow, using the best timing cream in Pakistan is relatively safe to use and has slight side effects. However, it is always better to consult with your health advisor or medical doctor like a sexologist before using any type of cream.

 5 Best Timing Creams in Pakistan:

To increase the timing on the bed, it is recommended to use these creams and sprays that are available online shop(s) easily in Pakistan.

 1. UD Delay Cream:

UD Delay Cream is a professional timing product designed to help with long-lasting timing. UD cream is formulated with a specialized blend of ingredients to help improve sexual stamina and delay ejaculation.

 Tip: With regular use, UD Delay Cream can help you last longer and have a more satisfying sexual experience.

 2. Knight Rider Spray & Delay Cream:

The Knight Rider Delay Spray is an innovative product designed to help increase timing on bed and satisfaction for men and women. This spray is composed of natural ingredients, such as ginseng, guarana, and ginger root, which are known to help improve sexual endurance. There is a Combo Deal of Knight Rider spray, Delay Cream, and Timing condoms available online.

 It also contains benzocaine, a painkilling that helps to decrease hypersensitivity of the penis, making it easier to last longer throughout intercourse.

 Tip: With its all-natural ingredients and professional formulation, the Super Knight Rider Delay Spray is an ideal choice for those who want to increase their sexual performance.

 3. Stay Night Erectile Dysfunction Delay Cream

Stay Night Erectile Dysfunction Delay Cream is an innovative product that can help you last longer during sex on bed with your wife. Stay Night Delay Cream is a pro-grade cream that helps you maintain control of your performance, with its unique blend of natural ingredients.

 This Timing Cream for men works rapidly, providing a calming feeling that gives you the extra time you need to ensure that you and your partner have a satisfying sex experience.

 Remember: Stay Night Delay Cream is the perfect addition to any bedroom, giving you the confidence to enjoy on bed and make the most of your time together.

 4. Long Time Super Viga Delay Spray:

 Surely, you are looking to extend your intimate experiences, a long time delay spray is the perfect solution. Viga Brand Delay spray helps to maintain a longer lasting and more pleasurable experience for both partners.

 Also note that the cream should be applied directly to the penis, and its fast-acting ingredients help to reduce sensitivity in the area. It is safe, fast-acting, and easy to use, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a way to extend their warm Sexual moments.

 With its professional formulation, this timing cream is the perfect choice for those looking for a longer-lasting and more enjoyable sexual experience.

 5. Super Dragon Dooz Delay Cream:

Super Dragon Dooz Delay Cream is a revolutionary new timing cream designed to help you last longer in bed. This cream works to reduce sensitivity and help you control your climax. It is made with natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that it is safe and effective.

 This cream is perfect for couples looking to take their sex life to the extend level, as it helps you both enjoy a more pleasurable and longer lasting experience.

 Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your pleasure – try Super Dragon Dooz Delay Cream could be your choice!

 How to Apply Timing Creams Effectively?

Applying timing creams is an effective way to enhance and extend sexual performance. In order to get the best results, it is important to follow the directions provided on the product pack.

 Note here, that first you should always wash your hands before applying the cream and make sure to thoroughly dry them afterward.

Secondly, apply a small amount and a thin layer of the cream gently on the desired area of the penis and massage it gently so it is completely absorbed.

Then, wash your hands after application and use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess cream. It is important to note that the cream should not be used on broken skin or open injuries.

The cream should be applied to the glans or the head of the penis and massaged in a round motion until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

If the cream is being used as a lubricant, it should be reapplied as needed, but highly recommended not use the any of the timing cream as Sexual Lubricant.

Once the cream is applied, it could take few minutes for it to take result, so it is important to remain calm, at least 10 mints.

When the intercourse is ended, the cream should be washed off with warm water and mild soap. Taking the time to properly apply sex-timing creams can help to ensure the best possible results.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best sex timing cream in Pakistan, there are several choices available to suit your sex stamina needs. We hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision on the best sex-timing cream for you.


1. What is the normal lasting time in bed?

Most men ejaculate within 5 to 10 minutes during sexual action, and studies have found that it takes an average of 5 1/2 minutes to ejaculate after penetration. Ejaculation is typically considered premature if it occurs less than 1 to 1 1/2 minutes after penetration.

2. How long should a man take to release sperm?

It varies occasionally and is dependent on several variables. A male typically needs 5 to 7 minutes to reach orgasm and ejaculate.