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Durex has more than 80 years experience in manufacturing. Its amazing product range is available on Durex products are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials. We know how to deliver performance. Durex works with sex experts. These are doctors, academics, and scientists who work to improve the experience of sex. Condombox’s main goal is to offer Pakistani customers products that will give their sexual life a new dimension.

Durex Products in Pakistan

In Pakistan, buying sexual products is a source of shame. What’s the problem with having safe sex? Science has proven that healthy sex leads to a long and happy relationship with your partner. It is therefore essential to use sex products in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Durex is a product that will ensure you have the time of your lives with your partner, without any worries about health risks.

Durex offers a wide range of condoms for those who want to spice up their sexual life. These include:

Condoms with ribbed and dotted edges

Condoms made of non-latex

Extra Sensitive condoms

Air condoms

We have a wide range of Durex condoms in our collection at to meet the needs of all customers. The Durex condoms prices in Pakistan are kept low to make them affordable for everyone.

Durex Delay Lubes in Pakistan

Durex has a variety of lubricants that will add extra pleasure, time, and ease to your sexual life. Durex delay lubricant will allow you to stay in bed for longer by applying a small amount. It increases endurance and allows you to enjoy pleasure for longer.

This lubricant extends the sexual contact between 5 and 15 minutes. This lubricant is very easy to use and will give you a comfortable and pleasant experience. Durex offers a great delay in Pakistan that will help you please your wife.

Online stores are a great way to buy products, but the risk of receiving damaged goods is high. is the best place to purchase products that will spice up your sexual life. We deliver all the necessary sexual health products to your door as soon as possible.