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Strong Delay Spray –  Increase Time & Stamina – Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Original Super Viga 300000 Retardant Spray 45 cc aphrodisiac for men Special now available in Pakistan. 

Looking for Supper climax Sex Stamina Spray in Pakistan – We will recommend you Super Viga 300000 Long Super Time Delay spray for men have super  delayed formula to control sensitivity of the Penis and premature Ejaculation.

Super Viga 300000 Long Delay spray control the sensitivity of the Penis when spray to the head and it works within 5 minutes after spray. Once used you can have intercourse with your love ones for upto 10 time longer than before hand. Viga delay spray  is strong delay spray and recommended to anyone who is facing difficulty getting full intercourse sanctification due to premature ejaculation. Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation timing upto 30 to 45 minutes.

How to use Viga Delay Spray

Spray a light amount of  Viga Delay Spray  (2 to 3 squirts) on the head, center and below of the penis approximately 15 minutes before intercourse and highly recommended  for use with a condoms ( wear the condoms after using the spray). Also, wash your Penis 1st before applying the spray for better result.

Size: 45 ML

Made in: Germany

Package: Box

Special Note: For external use only. Do not exceed 2 sprays in each application. Close the lid tightly after use and keep it.Keep between 5-25 degrees Celsius.

100% Original & No side effect.

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Sex Stamina Spray Pakistan online Shop- Viga 300000


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