What are condoms and how Condoms can be used?

Good Question to ask yourself before using condoms is what they are actually and how condoms can be used in a right way. A condom is a small bag that keeps sperm inside the pocket and control from getting into female vagina that that works by developing a fence and blocking the route that sperm would take to fertilize an egg. It helps prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Use of a condom can effectively minimize the risks of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.

There are male and female condoms, and they are made of latex rubber, polyurethane, or lambskin. The male condom is more commonly used. It is also referred to as a “rubber” or “prophylactic.”

Different Studies say that condoms are 98 percent effective to avoid get pregnancy, but since people do make mistakes, they are around 82 percent effective in actual use. Because of this, mostly people are recommended to use another form of contraceptive with the condom.



How Condoms work effectively?

A condom creates a physical fence that prevents the sperm from reaching to the female egg. The wall makes sure fertilization and pregnancy do not happen. Condoms are mostly from very thin latex rubber or polyurethane, and they contain a lubricant and a spermicide that either ends. To use a condom excellently, it should be placed before the penis touches the female vagina, in other words, before skin-to-skin genital contact take place. This is because sperm can come out of the penis before ejaculation.

The use of condoms can considerably reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and diseases.

Using a condom with another category of contraceptive, such as the contraceptive pill, offers supplementary safeguarding from both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

The condom must be placed properly before sexual contact is made, and wisely removed instantly after sperm ejaculation.

How to apply the Male Condoms?

Condoms are widely available from nearest pharmacies of you city and online Condoms store with full of privacy.

In advance to using a condom, it is important first check it’s packaging thoroughly that it does not feel like dried or torn or it has already passed its date of expiry which is very important for you.

Before wearing the condom, your penis should must be fully erected. Hold the tube ring of the condom between the two fingers, preferred to use a finger and the thumb, and make sure it is the right way round, so that it will unroll down the penis’s to end towards your’s body. The rolled-up edge needs to be on the outside but not the inside.

How to use Condoms online in Pakistan

Make sure there is no any air bubble stuck inside the condom, by holding the bulb at the end. While still holding the bulb, place the condom over the head of your penis.

Keep slightly unrolling the condom all the way down to your penis. If the condom does not unfold, it has possibly been placed the wrong way round on your penis, inside out. In this case, get a new condom and try again. Keep in mind it is most important to apply condom rightly on your penis to avoid get your hubby pregnant.  

As soon as you are ejaculation and before your penis has lost it’s erection, male should his withdraw penis from his partner’s vagina, keep holding the condom in place to avoid get it leaked. Then, you can pull off the condom from the penis slowly and gently, be careful not to spill the sperms.

As an important note always keep in mind that before any further sexual contact, you should wash your hands and use a new condom, even if you are not planning to ejaculate again. Never ever try to re-use a male  condom.

What are the Female Condoms and How to apply the Female Condoms

A female condom is used by a woman instead of man. Usually female condom made of polyurethane sheath having a flexible ring at end to end. It is open at one end.

As using a male condoms, it is important to check the female condoms as well that the packet is not leaked or torn off and also not expired or out dated.

Female condoms use Pakistan

Keep hold the soft inner ring between the thumb and finger, place the closed-end ring into the vagina gently and push it inside the vagina slightly.

Push the female condom as far into the vagina as it is possible, using your two larger fingers. The external ring should always remain lying against the outside wall of the vagina.  In case, if it goes into the vagina during having sex with your love ones, female condom should be adjusted again as described above, so it goes back to outside of vagina again.

When you try to insert your penis into the vagina, it is very important to stop and recheck it again that your penis does not slip in between the condom and the vaginal wall.

After having sexual intercourse or as soon as you end up with ejaculation, twist the female condom carefully and pull it out from vagina and pull the end of it to remove it, making sure that no sperm enters into vagina.

Female condoms are less widely available than male condoms.

Key points to remember:

  • never to reuse any type of condom unless these are specifically design for reuse and always use a new condom every time.
  • to keep the environment protected, never ever flush any type of condom down the toilet.
  • NOT use a condom that is already expired, dry or packaging is leaked.

Using both types condoms at same time is not recommended and suggested by medically.

What are the Benefits of Male and Female Condoms?

Every types of Condoms have a number of benefits.

Condoms for Male:

  • are reliable and effective to avoid pregnancy, if used correctly
  • they reduce the risk of Sexual transmitted diseases
  • Easily available to buy from the nearest medical store or online shop
  • they are available in different sizes

There no side effects, unless the user has any allergic conditions of using latex rubber, spermicides, or plastic. A person who has allergy should look for products made with other materials, such as lambskin.

Benefits of Female Condoms:

  • Can be inserted up to 8 hours before having sex
  • Female Condoms give the woman control over her sexual wellness
  • These can be used during a menstrual period ( but not recommended)
  • expressively lesser the risk of STI transmission and other sexual diseases

Important Attentions

Using a condom has some disadvantages compared with other types of protection, especially if they are not used correctly.

Studies says that in a year, 18 in every 100 couples who use a male condom will become pregnant, and 21 in every 100 couples who use a female condom. This is partly due to human mistakes, such as overlooking to use one.

Apart from having a higher failure rate, the female condom is also less widely available.

Errors that can cause a condom to fail include:

  • Using the wrong size of male condoms
  • Unintentionally tearing the material when opening the condom pack, or during application or use of condoms
  • Applying the wrong kind of lubricant

Oil-based lubricants, some creams, baby oil, and petroleum jelly cannot be used with a condom. Only water-based lubricants are recommended

Always keep in mind that condoms should be kept away from direct light, sun shine, and heat as this could increase the chance of them breaking.

Some people feel embarrassed about using a condom, but they are a safety device that condoms offers important protection.